Chocolate Sesame Ladoo

Ladoos are an important aspect of Indian routine. Its the star of every celebration , and also a delicious remedy for lot of ailments. 

There are ladoos specific to season. Like the wholesome dink, methi ladoos , pinni, panjeeris , all made during the winters. While the besan and rawa ladoos are for Diwali .Motichur ladoo is the all season king. And Til or Sesame ladoos are made during Makar Sankranti. 

Whereas the original Til ladoos are hard owing to the jaggery candy , here’s a Fudgy Chocolate combination of the ladoo. 


    • 1 Cup Roasted Sesame Seeds

    1/2 Cup Coarsely crushed Nuts(Cashew, Almonds,Walnuts,Peanuts)

    1/2 Cup Crushed digestive or Marie biscuits 

    1 Cup Condensed Milk

    2 tbsp Cocoa powder (unsweetened)

    1 tbsp Butter

    Split Almonds and nuts for garnish

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  • 01

    Pulse half of the roasted sesame seeds to a coarse powder and mix it with the crushed nuts and biscuits

  • 02

    Heat a non stick pan and add Condensed milk and just warm it up. Add cocoa powder and whisk it well. Add butter and put off the heat and mix.

  • 03

    Add the crushed mixture and mix together. turn on the heat again till it all is mixed together. Lastly add the remaining half of whole sesame seeds and mix together.

  • 04

    Turn the mixture over a plate and allow to cool slightly. make balls or ladoos before the mixtures dries up.Embed one almond flake to garnish

  • 05

    The ladoos stay well at room temperature for 5-7 days and refrigerated for 15 days.

  • 06
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