Mumbai Mirror: Life In A Floatel

Regional Khandeshi and Vadvaali Recipes have always been our Niche. Apart from quick fix recipes and Fusions too. But it was a surprise and a proud moment when journalist Joanna Lobo connected with us on social media to cover a story on our Khandeshi Food.

Incidentally the otherwise Nasik resident me, was in Mumbai on holidays with my parents. So without wasting time, we invited joanna at my sister Sonali Rauts home.

We decided to prepare the most popular recipes on our blogL Khandeshi Chicken and Khandeshi Shev Bhaji.

I personally never realised how much time i spent talking about Khandeshi food with joanna. From simple earthy Bhakris and Thechas to the spicy Curries and the way of life.

When the article was out, it was a true taste of fame and pride. Not only to us, but all others who in soe way were linked to Namakshamak.

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