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1 Comment | February 23, 2013

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Hi! I am Sonali, mom to a fast growing teenager and a homemaker.

I love to cook, read and travel (and in that order). I believe that travel keeps the cook ever so innovative. Each time I travel, I scourge the market places and eateries for some new ingredient or recipes.

I believe that every type of cuisine has its own story to relate… One that’s fascinating.

Being born and brought up in Mumbai which is often called “a melting pot of culinary delights” helped me explore and experiment with a wide range of cuisines.

Cooking is something that began early at home for me. Being an elder sister to 2 siblings helped me brush up my party planning skills… I have been forever planning birthday and new year parties from the scratch. Be it planning the menus or cooking for the same. But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Thankfully for me both my husband and son are die hard foodies who are ever ready to try out my creations or even disasters. They are my biggest critics and my favourite Guinea Pigs!!!

My hubby has actively been sharing my interest in cooking and forever egging me to try out new cuisines or even to replicate some recipe we tried and loved at some restaurant.  So I get to eat at different restaurants and he gets to pay the bill!!!

Reading is another thing I am passionate about, it keeps me updated. I am a total bookworm; I can eat a book in a day!! I love collecting books, as much as I love reading them! So much so that I have run out of place on my bookshelf.

So come share with me the tang of lime, the bite of chilli, the fresh herbs, the crunch of raw veggies and experience  the wide spectrum of textures and sharp flavours  of different cuisines.

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  1. posted by Siddesh on December 2, 2013

    It was sheer co-incidence that I stumbled upon this website and I could not believe it when I saw your and Harshu’s pic on it. Its only when I saw your names underneath the pics, I literally shook myself up to believe it. Now I am forced to believe that truly, there are no co-incidences
    It seems like yesterday that we played by cutting leaves in a round shape to give it a feel of chapatis and ground some stuff in a toy mixer and serve that as food. Act as if we eating that stuff in that small toy crockery and even come up with a fake burp.
    I remember those days when we shelled out ingredients and cooked in that empty flat and messed up the whole kitchen. I still savor the reminiscences of those pani puris and mango milkshakes.
    Its awe-inspiring and elevating to read that two of those small little chefs have grown up to write food blogs and culinary recipes too. I am so swollen with pride right now that I have ever shared a meal (Both for play and for real) with you guys.
    All the best to you guys… and as a self-confessed foodie myself… I shall love to contribute to any of this ‘noble’ cause. Needless to say, that my contribution will be a little more than just gobbling up the food (Like it used to be in those days) 
    God bless you, young Gusteaus! Spread the word that “Anyone can cook!”
    And please please let me know if I can help in anyway!!!
    Luv and Luck,

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