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12 Comments | February 23, 2013

Harshada Sandhan Co-Founder

Hi ,I’m Harshada  , a homemaker and a mom to 2 fine boys. An engineer by qualification, a banker ( rather an ex-banker)by profession, and now a fulltime food blogger,home cook/baker and food writer by passion.

I discovered my inclination towards cooking when I decided to take a brief sabbatical from professional job , to look after my new-born . That’s when I got some extra time to put my cooking skills at work.

I had always loved good food , but never got time to put in those extra efforts to cook up a special innovative  spread. Cooking a special meal was limited to Sundays, when I made it a point to cook a special Starter or Snack and a Dessert.

I grew up watching my sister (“Sonatai” is what I call her) , cooking and enjoyed eating her scrumptious treats. That’s where my love for good food was born. I love my mom’s home cooked food especially the vegetarian spread. But when it comes to a perfect Non-Vegetarian Menu, it’s my Mother In Law who’s the best. I learnt a lot of Traditional Maratha Spicy recipes after marriage . My Mom in Law has been a patient teacher and provided me constant encouragement to do better in kitchen.  The “Khandeshi Katta” section on the blog is my attempt to share some traditional Spicy Maratha and Khandeshi Cuisine recipes and preserve our culinary heritage.

I’m fortunate to have a foodie family, who enjoy my culinary creations. But my best and worse food critic is my little toddler, who’s quick to pass his judgement in the first bite! He’s the sole reason I bake and is surely a diehard fan of my cakes. I call myself a self-confessed Bakeaholic!

My husband’s job, takes me to different cities , where I strive to learn about the local food culture, learn new recipes and explore new places to eat. Apart from Mumbai, my hometown,I have experienced local life, food and cooking in Pune,Nashik and currently Indore.

I love eating out, especially on weekends, and I make it a point I take a click wherever possible. Apart from food,I love to shop, online shopping, especially for food ingredients and gourmet stuff, is something I cannot resist. That gives me an opportunity to write about restaurants, hangouts,food websites and so on.Food Writing is yet another passion I discovered on my culinary journey.Apart from product and restaurant reviews, I love writing about latest trends in Indian food, food ingredients and anything about food that impresses and interests me! I aspire to be a food writer some day, but currently satisfied writing for namakshamak.com and occasionally for Food Bloggers Association of India,and contributing recipes for Magickart.in

NamakShamak is my platform to share my traditional recipes , my culinary creations , and my experiences with FOOD!

Catch me at Twitter @harshadasandhan :Lawangi Mirchi

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  1. posted by Harshada Sandhan on April 1, 2013

    Thank You Daisy!Glad you loved our new website and the recipes and look forward to yours too!
    Thanks again and happy cooking!

  2. posted by Sutinder on July 30, 2013

    hello there. some great stuff from you guys. I own and run an Indian catering company, Raja’s Banquet. I would to start a blog on Indian cooking – where do I begin? many thanks. Sutinder. PS I love the name namakshamak!

    • posted by Harshada Sandhan on August 20, 2013

      Thanks Sutinder for those lovely compliments. Appologies for replying so late! Its great that you wish to start your own blog on Indian Food. I suggest you start on a free platform like bloggers or wordpress and then move on to your own website some time later. We are sure, you would do great with lovely recipes of your own. Best wishes from us.
      Happy Cooking!

  3. posted by Raj on August 29, 2013

    HI Harshada

    Thanks for doing what you are. I am a foodie and have my roots in Khandesh, but born and raised in Pune-Mumbai area. I have been looking for authentic Khandeshi food for a long time and was gald tohave found your blog. Do you know any authentic Khandeshi cookbooks that take you through the entire range of masalas, lonche, chutnyeys, papads, wadyas, gravy items, as well as dry items? Any author you can recommend? I aim to collect authentic Khandeshi recipes and try them at home as well as, maybe, publish sometime, since I already have several such recipes from my mom.
    Thanks and keep going.

    • posted by Harshada Sandhan on August 30, 2013

      Hi Raj,
      Thanks so much for appreciating our efforts! I m a Nashik daughter in law and I inherited all the recipes from my mother in law and elders from the family! Its my aim to introduce the delights of our Khandeshi and Maratha cuisune to the world…afterall, there’s much more to Maharashtrian food!
      There are no cookbooks for pure khandeshi recipes I know of, but the local marathi magazines like “chatpatit”,”Shree va SOU” do have some traditional local recipes , especially the vadis,chutneys etc. I m trying to add all the recipes that are made at home,but do let us know if you are looking at any specific recipe. And finally, please do share some of your own traditional recipes through our submit recipe section, we ll b glad to publish them under your name.
      Happy cooking!

      • posted by Rajratna on August 30, 2016

        Hi Harshada:

        I wrote to you almost exactly three years ago! I need to inform you that early this year, I was given an opportunity to make a book on Khandeshi cuisine. I am awaiting the final go ahead from the publisher. I will be visiting Dhule, Nandurbar and Jalgaon for authentic Khandeshi recipes. I thought I might inform you in case you have some tips for me.

        In the meantime, if you have any recommendations either of places that you think I should visit, or people I should meet to get authentic Khandeshi recipes, please do let me know.

        Thanks in advance.


        • posted by Harshada Sandhan on August 31, 2016

          Hello!Congratulations! Its a wonderful opportunity. Its been my experience and belief that the highway dhabas and small time homely restaurants serve the most authentic form of local cuisine. So I would suggest you to try it all along your journey.Our best wishes on your new venture.

          • posted by Rajratna on September 3, 2016

            Thank you, Harshada, for the information and for your kind wishes. I might request you to share some of your recipes too, if you don’t mind. But that will be when I begin the book.

  4. posted by shobhnaa on October 1, 2013

    Hi Harshada……thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely feedback. Sorry for inconvenience in commenting but now I have modified my commenting section as I was getting this complaint few times earlier also. Now I feel you’d be able comment easily. Thanks for liking my Mango Kesari dish. Hoping for your many more visits and hope you’d like other recipes and posts too. I am also liking your wonderful blog very much.

    • posted by Harshada Sandhan on October 3, 2013

      Hi Shobhana, Pleasure was all mine. Lovely blog n nice pictures! Happy blogging!

  5. posted by Mandar on February 19, 2016

    Thank you for the recipes…I live in Canada and was craving for ‘वालाचे बिर्डे’…When I did manage to find वाल, I didn’t know the recipe…Thank you so much! I was able to prepare a delicious dish.

    • posted by Harshada Sandhan on February 27, 2016

      Thank you! I m glad you loved our traditional recipe as much as we enjoy cooking n sharing it.

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